I’m exhausted by the barrage of casual sexism.

Somewhere along the line, I lost my ability to not see it. It’s astonishing how much there is to encounter, whether I’m spending several days straight working from home or commuting into the city. I regularly come across something that makes me grit my teeth or shake my head. Continue reading

Thoughts on crafting, creativity and pursuits of the yarn variety

Since I was a kid, I’ve dabbled in a wide variety of creative pursuits – sculpting, drawing, painting, beading and the like. As these things tend to go, some of it has carried over to adulthood, some has gone by the wayside, and new things have joined the list. Continue reading

On Kony and Social Responsibility

A friend forwarded me the Kony 2012 video today. It got me thinking, but not in the way she or the makers of the video intended.

I cannot deny that there are terrible things happening in Uganda right now. Living in North America, it’s easy to forget that a lot of vile things are still everyday events in this world. It is a fluke of birth that I was born into a country where starvation, standard of living-related illnesses and diseases, violent regimes or any number of things that tend to make life nasty, brutish and short aren’t generally a factor. That artifact of chance is not license to ignore the plights of others

However. Continue reading

Moving Past ‘Go Along to Get Along’

I, like so many other young women out there, was conditioned to believe at a young age that ‘go along to get along’ is the key to great social relations. As an adult, I’ve discovered that it leaves me intensely vulnerable to the will of others, often to my detriment. When you believe that it’s not your place to cause ripples, you don’t question intent, or whose best interest is really being served. It becomes about what the other person wants. Continue reading

When Writing Steps From the Life of the Imagination Into Hope for the Future

I’ve had a novel percolating in the back of my head for the last several years. It keeps threatening to bubble over, but the demands on my life have kept it largely contained. Nevertheless, it has grown characters, a world, and the seeds of a narrative. I’m not sure whether it will ever become a full story or remains scattered between notes and neurons, but up until a few years ago I never believed I would ever apply on a Masters degree either.

The two are interlinked in my mind. Continue reading