Brave Isn’t

Going to the movies has become a rare occasion for me. It’s not a treat any more; I’m no longer capable of the unquestioning acceptance most films require for enjoyment.

This is in no small part due to my heightened sensitivity to the institutionalized sexism I touched on here. I spent the entirety of the advertising before last night’s film gritting my teeth or failing to withhold snark. While I resent the unsubtle implication that you have to be male to appreciate a car or go toe-to-toe with invaders from outer space, only one ad prompted the eruption of a post-movie rant.

It was the trailer for Brave. Pixar’s attempt to say, “Look, everyone, we’re not sexist – girls can carry a movie too!”

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The Danger of Reading Broadly

I have been engaged in love affair with the written word from early childhood. A book is at its best a transcendent experience, with the power to absorb totally and colonize one’s mind long after it’s been closed. A much-anticipated book that fails to meet expectation can be a crushing, while an old favorite that doesn’t live up to memory is a disillusioning disappointment.

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