Blind Spots

What follows is an experiment and a catharsis of sorts, spun off from an intense conversation and a wrung-out inability to sleep.

A warning for imagery. My apt metaphor may be another’s stuff of nightmares. Continue reading


Brave Isn’t

Going to the movies has become a rare occasion for me. It’s not a treat any more; I’m no longer capable of the unquestioning acceptance most films require for enjoyment.

This is in no small part due to my heightened sensitivity to the institutionalized sexism I touched on here. I spent the entirety of the advertising before last night’s film gritting my teeth or failing to withhold snark. While I resent the unsubtle implication that you have to be male to appreciate a car or go toe-to-toe with invaders from outer space, only one ad prompted the eruption of a post-movie rant.

It was the trailer for Brave. Pixar’s attempt to say, “Look, everyone, we’re not sexist – girls can carry a movie too!”

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Relationships are built, not granted.

My partner’s sister is pregnant. This child-to-be represents the first in either of our families. His sister and parents are more than a little excited about it, and the relational titles have been flying.

I’m more than a little uncomfortable with this.

This isn’t the first child to have entered my life; friends of my partner and I have a son who is now coming up on three. I was dubbed ‘Auntie’ to this child as well, and though it felt strange even then, I didn’t give it much thought.

That’s changed. In the last couple years, I’ve been spending a lot of time sorting out how I think about relationships and define ‘family.’ It’s illuminated why certain relationship constructions make me squirm inside. Continue reading


I’ve been sitting on a bunch of posts under the excuse that I should think them over for clarity before committing to putting them out in public.

The truth is, I have a hangup around putting myself out there. There’s an insidious voice in my head that tells me no-one cares, no-one wants to hear that, and even if they did, how dare I voice that particular thing.

Screw it. Continue reading

On Kony and Social Responsibility

A friend forwarded me the Kony 2012 video today. It got me thinking, but not in the way she or the makers of the video intended.

I cannot deny that there are terrible things happening in Uganda right now. Living in North America, it’s easy to forget that a lot of vile things are still everyday events in this world. It is a fluke of birth that I was born into a country where starvation, standard of living-related illnesses and diseases, violent regimes or any number of things that tend to make life nasty, brutish and short aren’t generally a factor. That artifact of chance is not license to ignore the plights of others

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