Who Is This Person, Anyway?

I’m terrible at writing these things; they’re an eternal source of dissatisfaction for me.

I started this blog as a way of getting myself writing again. Reality has a funny way of intruding: my rekindled desire to put thoughts to text came shortly before my goals abruptly shifted to the pursuit of a Masters degree. Within a few short months, all the writing I had time for was for credit. It hasn’t stopped me entirely, but it has cramped my output.

My interests are varied, influenced in no small part by actual education, and those things I wish I’d pursued but never did. My first degree was a BA in English and Classics, my Masters is in the Digital Humanities, and my might have beens include paleontology, archaeology and the biological sciences. I’m as likely to be found reading a medieval history as an examination of the role of parasites in evolution.

Otherwise, I’m a self-professed geek with a deep love of speculative fiction. I have been known to play video games and tabletop RPGs. Despite otherwise being antithetical to popular notions of femininity, I’m constantly constructing something or other out of yarn and never prepare a dish the same way twice. I keep cats, wish I could have a dog, and despise the mentality behind furbabies. My strong belief in science and egalitarianism is occasionally trying to my partner, who bears the brunt of my verbal infodumps of excitement and indignation.

In short, I am a person of many hats.

I write on what I’m reading, societal issues, crafting, the critters in my life, and to exorcise the things that have been running in circles in my head. As with anything in life, it will be to your taste or it won’t. In either case, thanks for visiting!

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