I’m exhausted by the barrage of casual sexism.

Somewhere along the line, I lost my ability to not see it. It’s astonishing how much there is to encounter, whether I’m spending several days straight working from home or commuting into the city. I regularly come across something that makes me grit my teeth or shake my head.

Bus ads for a radio station with a come-hither promising a pop singer in a scanty outfit will “take you for a ride”. Article comment threads informing a concerned father that he ‘misinterpreted’ when he explained to his distraught six-year-old daughter that it’s not okay when people say her beloved baseball and Star Wars are only for boys. A steady stream of articles like this one, detailing what a poisonous boy’s club coder culture is. And the implicit approval of crap like this:

When did this become acceptable?

In which an article on disease transference between bats and humans transmutes into an excuse to objectify Batgirl.

The source article is on disease transference between bats and humans. I fail to understand why it’s appropriate that the top comment thread has eclipsed the science with a tasteless, objectifying joke.

I encountered all of those examples in the last twelve hours, eight of which I slept through. I’ll encounter at least that many again before I eat dinner tonight.

The overriding message is that women exist to be consumed, limited only by the proximity of her ‘protectors’ and sometimes ability to fend off unwanted attention. Like things that aren’t ‘for girls’? Choosing a male-dominated field? Move along, and by the way, the lady doth protest too much.

It’s a constant grind.

Videos like this one addressing harassment in the gamer community are reassuring, but even if that phenomena is successfully combated, there’s still the way colour is used to teach children what’s ‘okay’ for their gender to like, or the idea that a woman’s body, even the parts only she and an extremely select subsection of other people will ever see, has to look a particular way to be acceptable. I could keep rattling off examples, from all subsets of culture.

Today, I feel like I’m screaming into the wind, and I have the sick feeling that tomorrow won’t be any better.