I’ve been sitting on a bunch of posts under the excuse that I should think them over for clarity before committing to putting them out in public.

The truth is, I have a hangup around putting myself out there. There’s an insidious voice in my head that tells me no-one cares, no-one wants to hear that, and even if they did, how dare I voice that particular thing.

Screw it.

It’s okay to be opinionated. If I get flak for it, so be it.

I am a university-educated woman who reads widely and does my best to question everything. I’m an egalitarian first and a feminist second, because at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that human rights, consideration and decency needs to trump all. I am a secular humanist, historian and armchair scientist who believes nothing exists in a vacuum and that supportable, repeatable evidence is key. Giving a whole host of practices a pass unexamined for no better reason than ‘that’s how it’s always been done’ makes my blood boil.

People will agree with me, or they won’t. That’s what happens when ideas go out in the wild. That’s how dialogues are born.

I’m not perfect. I do my research where I can and consider before I write, but I can’t think of everything. Failure to think of everything is an excuse that helps no-one, least of all the writer – no-one can do more than research and consider. It’s the ones who put themselves and their ideas out on the table who have the opportunity to engage in a multiplicity of arguments and ideas, while the ones that keep it to themselves miss out on the chance to grow through the challenge.

This is me giving myself permission to put my ideas out there.